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Carrier Prequalification & Onboarding

Carrier Prequalification and Onboarding

Are you confident that the third-party carrier you’re using is always compliant? If you’re entrusting your cargo to someone else, you want to know that they comply with safety standards, have a good safety record and that they are covered by insurance if the goods get lost or damaged. Carrier compliance and onboarding platforms remove the need for manual input when onboarding a new carrier. All the required information including FMCSA information is recorded on the system for easy retrieval.

Carrier compliance and onboarding benefits

Automated carrier compliance and onboarding will offer you the following benefits:

  • Send and sign contracts with your carriers online.
  • Keep track of safety compliance – track accidents, tickets and compliance with hours of service
  • Track insurance coverage – a good system will automatically update you on the insurance status of the carriers on the system
Access FMCSA data – get access to all data including how your carrier vehicles did during mandatory inspections. You can also see the results of drug and alcohol tests and any accident records.