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Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

As the fastest mode of transport, airfreight is sometimes indispensable when it comes to keeping a production line running or meeting time-sensitive project schedules. Airfreighting high-value inventory items may be the most cost-effective mode, as it will allow for a reduction in inventory holding. Airfreight offers short transit times and reliable scheduled arrivals, even when there is a need for transshipment.

Marex Air Freight Forwarding

Whether you require speed, special handling, or priority service, Marex’s Air Forwarding team delivers…. Don’t take our word for it. Thousands of clients have chosen us as their trusted partners in international freight forwarding for air freight. We are an end-to-end service provider of air freight management services.

Airfreight is the swiftest and most reliable transport mode, but it is also the most expensive, so most people base the decision to airfreight on the cargo value and delivery urgency. Many high-value items, like electronics and luxury goods, are airfreight as a matter of course. The same is true for perishable goods like flowers and pharmaceuticals. You can trust the Marex airfreight team to handle your goods with care and a sense of urgency. We’ve been in the business for years because we know the importance of speed and reliability, and we care.

Airfreight Benefits

If you’ve ever needed cargo to get you out of an emergency, you’ll appreciate the true value of airfreight. Consider the benefits;

  • Speed– most airfreight companies won’t offer airfreight lead times of less than seven days. Yet, airfreight cargos usually take around five days from pickup to delivery.
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs– many companies prefer to airfreight high-value and perishable goods because carrying costs like insurance and damages offset the higher transportation
  • Reliability – Airfreight is the most reliable of transportation modes
  • Access to underdeveloped markets – Quickly get cargo to areas in underdeveloped, inaccessible places.


Airfreight Options

Choose from several options depending on the level of urgency
  • Next FlightOut– the quickest and typically the costliest option. If you choose this option, your cargo will leave on the next flight out.
  • Deferred – the least expensive option, but it is also the least reliable and slowest as the freight forwarder can bump your goods onto the next flight.
  • Consolidated Cargo – is cheaper because your cargo is combined with other shipments for preferential rates. You will need a well-connected cargo carrier with a significant client base to ensure the regular departure of consolidated cargo.
  • Charter Plane – the most expensive option, a chartered plane is one you hire and is dedicated to your cargo.

Whether you’ve chosen to airfreight your cargo to save inventory carrying costs or to get out of an emergency, our freight management services team has the skills and experience to meet your airfreight needs.