Warehouse Management System

Consolidate your inventory views with a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) gives supply chain managers full visibility of every stock item across the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution centers and retail shelf space. This is real-time data so you can view the availability and location of all inventories in the system at any point in time.

This powerful software package helps businesses to improve resource deployment and maximize equipment, space, and labor utilization. WMS systems streamline inventory activities and movements, consolidating the process in a single system.

A WMS is not a one size fits all package. You can choose from one of four WMS options to suit your requirements and your budget.

The best WMS system for your business depends on the size and complexity of the operations and supply chain. Modern-day WMS systems will include multi-channel fulfillment, value-added services, and warehouse automation along with logistics and inventory management.

The Marex team is well-versed in integrated supply chain management systems and can help you to choose and implement the (WMS) best suited to your business and industry.