Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

In today’s connected world, no business stands alone. The team at Marex understands the importance of strategic alliances, so we’ve developed partnerships with the best-of-breed real-time visibility developers.

Our valuable partnerships have ensured that we have access to cutting-edge tracking technology. These innovative systems, driven by predictive AI, enable shipping optimization of multi-modal transportation. Now you can track shipments from road to ocean and rail in real-time. Our capabilities include the ability to track thousands of cargo ships as they cross the oceans.

An effective transport management system relies as heavily on communication and real-time information as it does on the trucks, vessels, and rolling stock that convey the cargo. Without unambiguous information, your system will fail with costly consequences.

Intermodal and ocean freight tracking

Tracking services allow you to automate processes. You can have an accurate Estimated Time of Arrival for containerized ocean freight ten days before your cargo arrives. You can use this information to arrange the next leg of the journey or plan your project or production line.

Freight container tracking standardizes the data and distributes shipping information to the relevant supply chain participant.

Shipment tracking means never having to deal with last-minute surprises. It adds a level of predictability to arrival times that will boost your reputation and increase your sales potential.

Tracked shipment benefits

Tracked shipments offer organizations that use the technology several benefits.

RFID in the supply chain

Effective tracking offers organizations cargo visibility from the supplier through manufacturing and distribution to customer delivery. RFID in the supply chain has made this all possible. This technology can also offer insights into ambient conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Tracking tools are adjustable to specific business requirements. Whatever system you choose for your business, real-time information will enable better decisions in the interests of your business.

APIs for ocean and intermodal freight

API technology has made it possible for end users to access all the information they need in a user-friendly format. Predictive AI offers shippers increasingly more accurate information, creating agile supply chains and saving costs.