RFP Automation

Automate your Request for Proposals and achieve real-time freight pricing and data accuracy

Is your procurement department mired under the mundane tasks required to process Request for Proposals (RFPs)? You can quickly solve this problem with strategic sourcing software and RFP automation.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, RFP automation uses information in the system to complete mundane and repetitive tasks. It automates processes to release employees to do value-adding tasks.

A well-designed RFP system encourages collaboration and reduces process complexity. It frees employees from the mundane tasks needed to create, monitor, and appraise RFQs.

The benefits of RFP automation

When you decide to automate the RFP process, expect the following benefits.

If you haven’t yet automated your RFP processes, your business has missed an opportunity to improve business processes and save costs. The Marex team can help you install fully integrated RFP automation. You’ll quickly realize the business benefits.