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Shipment Planning & Execution

Control Tower Shipment Planning & Execution

Built around best-in-class Transport Management Systems (TMS), our control tower setup can offer your business significant benefits.

Enjoy end-to-end supply chain visibility in real-time. You’ll never have to wonder where your cargo is again. TMS systems run by transportation experts form the foundation of an agile supply chain, enabling prioritization and resolution of problems as they occur.

The control tower breaks down silos and encourages team and organizational collaboration. The result is faster decisions grounded in the full knowledge of the process and alternative routes.

A control tower provides the information to make crucial decisions when they matter most.

Transport management systems tailored to your needs

We don’t tell you how to run your business. We tailor our systems to meet your needs and provide successful execution of every inbound, outbound, and third-party shipment.

The following modules will build supply chain solutions that will set your business ahead of your competition;

  • Carrier Management (Rating & Routing)– automatically select a mode and carrier and know the related costs. The system can also route and re-route cargo in response to unplanned network distractions.
  • Load Optimization & Consolidation– make the best use of your assets, operational expenditure, and human resources. The system provides cost optimization when shipping plans change.
  • Order Management (Order tracking, tracing, and exception management) – ensure efficient order management from the first mile to the last. Streamline the order process, and enhance the customer experience to grow your business.
  • Inbound and Outbound freight management – improved communication and efficiency, coordinated exchange of information, automated and real-time scanning of goods both inward and outbound.
  • Data integration – accurate and single source data drives supply chain optimization and integrity, ensuring better communication and eliminating data input duplication, errors, and conflicting data.

When we’re on-site, we’re an extension of your team

Our logistics professionals work hand-in-hand with your team to provide thoughtful planning, day-to-day execution, and strategic partnerships and alignment. Our tailored transport management systems will reduce freight costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Regular report runs ensure streamlined freight management and cross-border logistics. Our system gives you access to the following transport management reports.

  • KPI scorecards – manage the crucial business processes using carefully selected KPIs
  • Quarterly business reviews – evaluate processes and team performance using quarterly business reviews. Reduced recency bias can help with better long-term decision making
  • Value creation opportunities – find ways to create value for your business and lead the way into a more prosperous future
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Market and compliance updates – keep abreast of the most recent market and compliance news and updates
  • Continuous improvement implementation – monitor your company’s progress in your quest for continuous progress to remove bottlenecks and accelerate the pace of change
  • An effective transport management system is central to agile supply chains.